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We have more than twelve years of  experience in proffesional wallpaper and wallcoverings installations on various projects including hotels, luxury offices and countless domestic properties, some in very prestigious locations.


      Why we are different then all the other wallpaper hanging companies?


We are the only company in London that provides 5 years warranty for installation. We use unique techniques of wallpaper hanging including two points of stick, we use the best materials available on the market tested throughout our vast experience, we always seal the wall with an alkaline sealer and then prime with a primer before installation to protect the wall and create most durable substrate for any wallcovering installation;

We have been working with many known designers in luxury property market including M Design LondonLuis Bustamante, Caballero and

Harriet Forde;

We are Phillip Jeffries, Fromental, Nobilis Paris, Vescom and Arte approved installers;

We worked for known brands such as Bank of New York, Ratesetter, Leo, Silicon Valley Bank, and for renown architects and contractors including Audley Construction Services, 88 London, Remont, Zen Builders, Oakmont, Maris Interiors, Area, Artemis, Thirdway, Tip Toe Builders, Godrich Interiors, Casson Conder Partership, Citi Homes Construction, Absolute Interiors and more. 


We have been called the Jewellers of Wallpapering

Our craftmanship captured on an image

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Feature Wall London Ltd

128 Palmerston Rd, Walthamstow, London E17 6PZ, UK

Registered Company Number 11402572 

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Adding shapes and interesting colours to our space

Every space has its own personality, and with a few colours, shapes and correct planning, you can really make it shine through. At, we mindfully work with our clients throughout the whole process, and we are always excited about bringing their vision to life with their designs and our experience combined.  You have an idea and we will make it happen. We use painting techniques that are almost as print quality. These techniques are known only by few decorators. Only the ones with a wide portfolio of experience and knowledge can achieve a quality finish. Combining this with a possibility of changing the colours at any point of the painting process, You as a designer have an artistic peace of mind. Compering this to a graphic print that is unchangeable when printed this gives You as a designer lots of flexibility. Send us the drawing with an idea and we will discuss the options, as they are almost limitless, including round shapes, gloss, matt, sheen or any other finishes plus thousands of colours to choose from.

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 By the Industry Professionals

Everyone knows how important our space is to our general wellbeing, so why not add a touch of flair and uniqueness  to your life? With some beautiful, seamless textile from the famous Phillip Jeffries, extremely eye-catching, nature infused wallpapers from Nobilis Paris or maybe with an image chosen by You printed by Photowall You can bring out something striking but elegant to your space! We will come to your place and install the wallpaper of your choice using techniques according to the manufacturer and we will also add our experience too, to make sure that the wallpaper installed is done with precision and materials that will make the finished product  grab attention for years to come.

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